Korg Poly 800

“Korg Poly800 Vintage Analogue 8 Voice poly synth with Atomahawk capabilities.
I’m flogging this as there are a couple of issues but this is totally useable and still sounds
amazing so please read on.
Sound engine and all keys function as they should. The only issues are as follows;

1. When using the LFO stick on the left of the synth, it doesn’t physically stick but the LFO stays activated.
This has never been a problem for me as I don’t use it.

2. The ON/Volume knob is a bit iffy. Once you’ve switched it off, you’ll need a few attempts at switching
it back on. I just leave it up permanently and use the mains to switch on all my gear anyway, so again,
has never been an actual problem for me.

3.Now, this synth has the Atomahawk upgrade but I wanted to just use it in its original state so I
disconnected the unit inside the synth so that I could use the original parameters. This worked but a few
of the parameters numbers don’t correspond to the parameters board located on the top right of the synth.
To get around this i have put some sticky labels to remind me what numbers to punch in to change the
settings.” Click here to visit listing on eBay