Korg Poly 800

“Korg Poly-800 Vintage Synthesiser comes with original owners manual. Lovely keyboard I inherited from a family member, hardly played and it does turn on HOWEVER IT IS BEING SOLD FOR SPARES as it does not currently work properly. The pitch bend PCB is corroded completely and the battery compartment is corroded too. The pitch bend unit from what I can tell . . . left/right should bend the pitch up/down . . and up/down should apply modulation . . . at the moment the up/down part is basically always on, so the sound aways wobbles, and left/right doesn’t work at all when pushed left or right, but when left in the middle it sort of wobbles around, as if you were constantly tapping it just enough to get the pitch to jump around a little. I suspect the only way to salvage this would be to find a replacement Korg 800 pitch bend unit but there’s NO guarantee the keyboard would even work after that. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay