# Korg Poly-61M

Korg, Poly 61 @ 08 December 2018

“I had to rebuild one side with a new piece of wood. It looks ok, and is very sturdy solid piece

Works nice. Take a few minutes for the osc to tune up, which is normal. It’s analog ,

The pitch/LFO stick is GREAT! Very useful musical LFO vectored with the pitch control . Pitch and LFO depth on an XY axis

Hold function, play a chord , then the notes is that chord can be played on any key and transpose the chord. Much used dance and rock fusion technic

switchable up down oct 1-3 arpeggiator with hold feature

Easy to use one level deep slider control. I’ve seen this synth wired with knobs for each control like a obx p5 etc

In many ways I like it as much as the prophet 5.

This is a real deal synth.

Someone gave it too me 5 years ago . Wasn’t working. I took it apart, re-seated the board connections, and it’s been working great synce!!!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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