Korg Poly-61M

“The Korg Poly 61M, first of the Nobless synthesizers, is the same as the Poly61 but with a MIDI in/our port. This machine is in superb shape, with excellent circuit board, and all components are in full working order. The best way to see how amazing this instrument this is, is by watching a short tutorial on the two best selling points of this instrument- the arpeggiator and, of course, making programs that can be saved to memory. The biggest cosmetic defects are a ding in the back corner (visible in the power-cable photo, and some spray paint dots on the left side).

Purchase includes:

-Korg Poly 61M synthesizer

-A bound copy of the manual

– quarter-inch male-male cable

-18-foot eighth-inch female-male extender cable

– eighth-inch male-females splitter

-eighth inch to quarter-inch adapter

-Apple earbuds (the nice $30 ones)”
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