Korg Poly-61M

“Korg Poly-61M completely refurbished, new oak chassis, new switches, Beautiful ! This synth was in very good condition, even before I refurbed it. I just wanted to create the best possible P-61M I could. It has never had a battery leakage, although I have updated the battery to a modern 3.6V cell battery. I refurbished the keyboard, cleaning it thoroughly piece by piece, and after polishing all the contacts, I applied the little carbon discs to each contact, as seen at sounddoctorin.com. It’s a brilliant fix, so now the keys play like new. Then I replaced all the program buttons’ switches with brand new ones, which fixes the annoying problem of not getting the buttons to work properly. Now, they are perfect. See the photo of the switch board with new switches. Then I built a brand new solid oak chassis for the synth, so as you can see, it is gorgeous, and more solid than new. All pots lubricated, new knobs, all bolts and inserts for the chassis are new, and new feet. Nothing is missing.” Click here to visit listing on eBay