Korg Poly 61-M

“Korg Poly-61M MIDI Synthesizer. Serviced and with NEW CPU board installed.

This is the original Korg Poly-61M, a great sounding polysynth with the factory MIDI. Poly61 are known for many developed defects, the most dangerous is a backup battery leak which destroys the CPU memory. The original battery was replaced, several years ago, however the acid leak continued to develop and destroy traces and joints until one day it stopped working completely. At that point, it became obvious it can be worse in the future, and the new CPU board was installed a month ago. This is newly manufactured board from Synthronics in Germany. So, the lesson here – never trust somebody who replaced the battery because original battery leaked already, with 99% chance it will fail anyway.

The second problem of all Poly61 is connectors. Connectors and cables get oxidized over a time and no longer can work reliably even after you clean them. They simply no longer hold the contact. This synth has all problematic connectors replaced (all cables in black on photo are new wires).

And finally power supply was serviced with premium Nichicon original audio grade caps.

Everything else is untouched. Original buttons, pots and keys work. The overall condition is very clean. It comes with the original case where it was stored the most of its life. It hasn’t been used much at all. The proof of all work is on photos.” Click here to visit listing on eBay