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Korg Poly-61

“*Local pickup only**

Here we have my

Working KORG POLY-61 Vintage 1980’s Synthesizer Keyboard

I have had this a long long time, and over the years it has seen more action than Axel Rose.

Over the years I have had hard Red Oak sides put on, as the chipboard that was originally there was just falling to bits as they all do.

I have not used it for over a year, but it is fully functioning. Just needs some switch cleaner in the volume knob as it is a little scratchy when turned. With time and use this should dissipate.

Also, where the modulation/Pitch bend joystick is, the panel does move a bit. It has done this since the sides were replaced but it does not affect playing or using of the joystick. It could use some shorter screws in it I think. Just never bothered with it as it did not detract from its use. Just thought I would mention it as someone may want to fix that.

Other that what I have mentioned , it is working as it should.”
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