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Korg Poly 61

“I have been the sole owner of this synth and have kept it in excellent condition. I have tested every slider, knob, pot, and key, and everything is fully functional! When I opened the case to inspect the components, I was pleased to see that it was nearly spotless. (See pics) The battery is old but in great shape and when I put it on the meter, it maintained a steady 3.3 volts. (Brand new it is rated at 3.6 volts.) All patches are intact and fully functional. The carbon contacts that sit under each key had oxidized with age, as would be expected, so they have been restored and all 61 keys work perfectly. I also connected the MIDI input to my Korg M1 and was able to trigger the Poly-61 as intended.

This sale includes the original manual, two MIDI cables, and one audio patch cable.” Click here to search for synths on eBay