Korg Poly 61

“Synth powers on and does produce sound. However, the sounds seem to be random and erratic, and no longer correspond with the programs on a consistent basis. Also, it appears some of the keys may be sticking – not physically, but certain presets will produce sound even when no key is being pressed.

Synth was in perfect working order until I recently moved across the country and plugged it back in. My guess is that something internally must have knocked loose during transport. I did briefly open the panel just to see if there were any obvious issues such as an unsoldered wire, but nothing stuck out to me. Cosmetically, the synth looks great, with only some light chipping in the paint on one of the side panels (see photo). All buttons, keys and joystick work.

This would make for a great project synth for anyone interested in tinkering around with it.

I’m selling this synth “as is”. I described the problems as accurately as I could, so please make sure you’ve read my description fully so that you know exactly what you’re getting before purchasing it.”
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