Korg Poly 61

” Korg Poly 61 Refurbished and with a New Solid Oak Chassis, New Main PCB, Excellent Sound. Condition is “Seller refurbished”.

This is a special fully refurbished P-61 with some great improvements, in top condition, and it sounds and looks fabulous. As you know, the P-61 is a great-sounding analog synth, with a real analog audio signal path, but with the advantage of digitally controlled tuning. As a result, this synth has that great classic sound, and the tuning is very stable. This particular synth has been refurbished with these features of note:

– The main CPU board (KLM 509A) has been replaced with a brand new replica from Andrej Shenshyn of synthronics.de in Germany. (That cost me over $300 US – see the photo).
– I refurbished the keyboard, cleaning all the keys and contacts, and solving the issue of faulty contacts by putting conductive carbon discs on all the contacts, per the solution by Sounddoctorin.com (a great solution to faulty key contacts – look it up). I added the extra effort to glue thin plastic pieces to each of the keys’ hammer stem, to make the contacts activate even better. Now it plays with a nice light touch, with no dead keys.
– I removed all the tactile programing switches, and replaced them from a large pool of 68 used switches that I had, testing very carefully and selecting the best-working 17 switches to use. Now the program selection buttons work perfectly. Gone is the frustrating issue of hitting the buttons a bunch of times to finally select the program you want.
– I cleaned all the pots and switches with a spray lubricant, so they are all working fine with no scratching noise or jumping values.
– The KLM 508 voice board has been fully calibrated, and it is in good shape. I replaced one interconnect that was faulty, so now it is fine.
– I built a new solid oak chassis for this synth, because as you probably know, the original was made of cheap particle board that was one of the main complaints of the P-61. This is a beautiful replacement, built very solid and the panel and other parts fit perfectly, giving this synth a better-than-new look, and it will be way more durable than the original. I gave it an ebony stain, to go well with the gray panel, with a satin polyurethane finish for a classy soft look. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay