Korg Poly 61

“Up for auction is a Korg Poly-61 Vintage Polyphonic Synthesizer in non-functioning operating condition and nice cosmetic condition overall. I intended to restore this and started by replacing the leaking original internal battery. Unfortunately there was some damage done from the battery residue and some of the traces on the board will need to be repaired. I have taken a close up photo of the area near the new battery which shows the damaged traces. The other thing I did was replace all of the keyboard contacts with new LA Synth Co. contact strips. Because I own another Poly-61, I was able to swap out the keyboard to test it on my fully functional version. The keys all function perfectly with no issues.

As this unit stands now, it powers up and all lights function but the sound and behavior isn’t proper. The parameters don’t affect the tone the way they are supposed to and sounds will play when they aren’t supposed to and things of that nature. ”
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