Korg MS-50

korg_ms_50 “Here is a nice blast from the past! Up for auction today is a VINTAGE KORG MS-50 EXPANDER MODULE. I will try to be as explicit as possible in my explanation so you know what you are getting. This unit has been tested as best I know how. Pretty much everything works. I tested most of the different modules using patch cords and headphones. VCO, VCF, Modulation Generator, both Envelope Generators, both Adding Amplifiers, Voltage Supply, Voltmeter, Trigger switch, Audio Amplifier, Headphone Amplifier and Noise Generators all have been tested and work. The channel two level control on the adding amplifier was a little scratchy. The Integrator, VCA’s, Sample and Hold, Inverter and Ring Modulator were not tested because I did not know how and ran out of patch cables anyway!, This unit is about a 7.5 out of 10 cosmetically. There is some very minor corrosion in a few small spots on the case. I have tried to include close up pictures so you can see all this. Two of the little rubber plugs that cover up the adjustment holes are missing. I removed all the silver nuts and washers for the patch ports and shined them up. Actually this is not a bad looking unit. This Korg is in much better shape than the MS-10 I just sold here on eBay. I think I have covered everything so you know exactly what you are getting. I am very picky about my descriptions. Pictures are of the actual unit for sale.” Click here to visit listing on eBay