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Korg MS-10 Project Machine

” Vintage Korg MS10 analogue mono synth – currently not working, being sold for parts or repair only, don’t buy this unless you know how to fix it, and are fine with it’s cosmetic issues (FYI I was quoted a likely £120 + p&p for a pro service/repair.) UK purchasers only.

This only makes sense if you *really* want a vintage synth and have the chops to fix it yourself, or you already have one and want to break this for parts. Otherwise, buy a new Behringer K2 for not much more than the repair cost on this and get (nearly) all the good stuff in an MS20 clone (think: twice the MS10) in a modern form factor…

…On the plus side, I believe the fault is a fairly basic broken power connection somewhere inside, as it still works intermittently sometimes if you tap it. It is also showing it’s age cosmetically – scratches, sticker marks on the keys, corrosion on the jack input surrounds (though all connections inside are fine and crackle free). Comes with the original manual. You’ll have to bring your own patch leads.” Click here to visit listing on eBay