# Korg Mono/Poly

Korg, Monopoly @ 04 November 2017

“Purchased it 2 years ago on eBay, it’s amazing synth with lot of character and unique sounds but I’ve moved completely ITB six months ago and selling all the gear that I haven’t been using since.

Please see pictures and video about synth prior to bidding, synth has several issues from previous owners:
1. Four keys have cigarette burns
2. Pitchbend doesn’t return to center. I don’t know has it ever been returning or not.
2. MG1 action is swapped. I guess t’s because original owner has connected MG1 to midi-board with wrong polarity. I was using it as it is but it’s sounds like easy to fix.
3. Some pots are scratchy (volume, cut off, resonance) – it’s 30 years old synth.”
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