Korg Mono/Poly

“This is my used Korg Mono/Poly synth. I’m really sad to let this go, but I just don’t have the studio space for it anymore. This was well cared for in a smoke-free environment, but it did sit in a closet for years until now and it got a little dusty. I just tested it and cleaned the surface, and all oscillators and features seem to be working, but there are a few keys that seem to need a little extra pressure to respond (all of the keys do work), but even after I played it for a few minutes the issue seemed to clear up and those keys got more responsive right away (specifically: the G2 seems to take a little extra pressure. B1,F2,G4,B4 just slightly delayed but quickly improved).. so I suspect that it could just use an internal cleaning, maybe even a blowing out would fix it up? The rest of the knobs and switches are intact and working. The volume knob was scratchy for a moment but that went away after a few rotations.
The physical appearance is fantastic. There are a few small dings on the edges, but it looks really nice. Check the photos.
If you’ve never played a Mono/Poly, this is my favorite vintage synth. The mind-bending rumbling bass and inter-planetary sounds you can make with this device make it super-fun to waste hours on tinkering! After testing it out for a few minutes I almost changed my mind about selling it!!” Click here to search for synths on eBay