Korg MEX-8000

mex8000 “Korg MEX8000 memory expander for various Korg synths from the mid 80s such as the Poly/EX – 800 and DW/EX 8000, and others (see photo of bottom)
Depending on the synth, this expander can allow up to 4 extra banks to be stored and accessed by the appropriate synth.
However, I used this a few months ago and it worked great.
Not sure if I left sounds on it from my EX8000/EX800 or if I erased it.
Sensible offers may be considered but this is a rare and very useful piece of equipment.
Note unit uses a NINE Volt battery, not the 6 AAs indicated.
The unit includes a CR2032 3 volt battery, freshly replaced.
Battery not necessarily included. Ask if you want me to ship with one.” Click here to visit listing on eBay