# Korg Maxi-Korg

Korg, Maxi-Korg @ 15 January 2011

“First of all this synth sounds amazing. It has a strong analog sound that really dominates any other instruments accompanying it. As might be expected one of the best parts is the filter. In addition to frequency and resonance it also has a “bright” to “dull” switch, and an “expand” switch, which seems to activate some kind of an envelope (although there are no ADSR controls). Monophonic. Has two parallel voices – upper and lower – each with separate output. Unintuitively, the sliders work from top to bottom (i.e., “0” is at the top, “10” is at the bottom). Cosmetically it is in G condition. The wood panel sides are scratched; the left side panel on the front is peeling; there is a small dent on the top ridge towards the left. Scratching on bottom and back. Connectors on back slightly tarnished. Does not come with “music stand” attachment or optional foot pedals. Light indentation (cigarette burn?) on the high A key. Some keys lightly scratched or faded. I have spent the afternoon putting this synth through its paces and also can identify the following electronic issues. Although I cleaned them with Chem-Wash and exercised them thoroughly, several of the knobs and sliders still are slightly scratchy. The “repeat” mode key on the lower right hand side has some sort of function – it delays the trigger – but it may not function properly (and I can’t see how it’s musically useful anyway). I am not sure exactly what it does. The two key transpose keys on the top right also either do not work or have no apparent function – they do not transpose an octave up or down as one might expect. The middle C# and E-flat keys seem to require slightly more pressure or a slightly sharper touch to trigger. The lower voice seems to be stuck on a square wave, nothing happens when you move the switch to sine or triangle, however the “chorus” function does work fully. On both the upper and the lower mode, the ranks (64′, 32′, 16′, 8′, 4′, 2′) work best on 16′, 8′ and 4′. They occasionally work on 64′, 32′ and 2′; peculiarly, I found them all to work fine when the rank for the ring modulator control is set in parallel. This may be the way it’s supposed to work, I’m not sure. I have tried to be as accurate as possible in this description so the buyer doesn’t have any surprises. I actually may be over-describing any potential issues, which could be solved for example by leaving it on for some period of time, or unscrewing it and cleaning contacts, etc. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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