Korg Maxi-Korg

“This is a unique vintage Korg Maxi-Korg synthesizer. This synth is also known as the Korg 800DV. This Univox K3 was sold in the US under the name Maxi-Korg K3. The power of the Maxi-Korg lay in the way it could create and play sounds. In essence, it was two Korg 700S synths in a single box, so you could treat it as two distinct synths, creating two different sounds, and then playing them independently. Some other mid-’70s synths allowed you to play two notes, but these used the same patch parameters for both. Only the Maxi-Korg could produce two sounds that you could play as a composite, or as two independent synths. Yet this was only half the story, because the 800DV allowed you to allocate the voices in a huge variety of ways. This made it possible to program more realistic, more expressive, or more off-the-wall sounds than was possible on other monosynths. The Maxi-Korg was, and remains, one of the most impressive, flexible and articulate synths ever built.

As the original owner, I know this Korg synthesizer to be in excellent condition with no known problems.”
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