Korg Maxi-Korg

maxikorg“Cosmetically in extremely good shape.
It functions very well, with no issues.

You won’t see another Maxikorg as clean as this one !

It is a very unique, raw and extremely powerful synthesizer..

The filters operate very smooth on this unit. A very monstrous sound!
a rare and somewhat underrated piece, a very unique sounding Korg that not too many know about.

This was their answer to the raw power of the Minimoog,
but it definitely has its own sound and direction.

It features two oscillators with a sub oscillator each.
The Sub Oscillators can also go into ring mod, which generates strange and harsh/bizarre
analog tones depending on pitches triggered and modulation choices.

Extra long 9 foot power cord.
With foot control, not all model have foot control.

The unit has some minor wear as to be expected for its age.
The cosmetic issues are as follows:

– Very small chips of wood missing, doesn’t affect at all the sound, please see last 3 pictures.” Click here to visit listing on eBay