# Korg Maxi-Korg

Korg, Maxi-Korg @ 15 March 2014

“I’ve had this Maxikorg for several years and it has worked perfectly at all times. It has NEVER been used live and it has been in my home studio (smoke free, low humidly) the entire time that I’ve had it.

The keyboard keys and synthesizer sounds/functions all work perfectly (key pressure is even, no sticking keys, no intermittent notes, filters sweep cleanly across the full spectrum, etc). All orig hardware, including wood ends, decals, switches and colored tabs (only a couple of the colored slider-top decals missing). The keyboard range is fully in tune (octaves are evenly tuned) and the unit stays in tune extremely well.

This synth is set up in two sections, and thus is really two independent synthesizers in one, which is both unique and allows it to do what other synths can not do. For instance the arpegiator can toggle between the two voices, custom filter settings can be set for each synth section, and a sub oscillator (or ring modulator!) can be assigned to each of the synth sections independently.

It has a professionally designed modification (by Analogue Solutions), thus allowing it to receive cv input for pitch, gate, low pass and high pass filters independently for both of the synth sections (eight 1/8 inch CV inputs all together). This modification works perfectly, and has NOT altered the performance or functionality of the synth in any way whatsoever and is non-obtrusively located near the units outputs. The CV inputs are simply there to allow the synth to be used in conjunction with analog gear or modular synthesizers (as with any cv signals, caution should be exercised to ensure that proper external voltage be used. Also note, the voltage required to achieve full CV control varies with each system, and I believe this synth is Hz/Volt).

There is very little wear visually, just slight buffed areas around the knobs and sliders. No large scratches, and the end pieces are in very good shape (only small nicks in a couple of places).

CV ins:
Top Synth section : gate, pitch, hp filter, lp filter
Bottom Synth section : gate, pitch, hp filter, lp filter

I have posted two videos on YouTube to demonstrate that the instrument is fully functional and has been fully tested, all keys and controllers are working 100%. All active controls (filter faders and performance knobs) are quiet when moving them. The sub oscillator amount knob and selector was crackling slightly crackling due to the fact that I haven’t moved it in quite a while, but was already clearing up after a little bit of use. To check out the videos just click the below videos, or search for “Univox Maxikorg 800dv with CV inputs Video A” and “Univox Maxikorg 800dv with CV inputs Video B” on YouTube).

The sound is pristine and the filters are flawless. If you are looking for a vintage synth that has a extremely smooth sound (definitely in the 1970’s Moog and upper end Yamaha build and sound quality range), as well as an ability to range from growling to sparkling clarity – definitely check this one out! The filters’ sound far exceeds any digital emulation, and is not rivaled by modern circuit recreations. This unit is able to sit aside most modular systems and will be begging to be controlled. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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