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Korg Lambda

“Selling my Korg Lambda ES-50. I’ve had this for a about a year and it sounds fantastic!

Unfortunately it’s developed a couple of faults recently. The first on is that the chorus no longer engages in the ensemble section. It was working fine but then just stopped.

Secondly, each E key makes distorted noises all the way across the board. All the other notes work. Sometimes after a short while this issue will go away but always comes back when the machine is turned off and then back on. It could be a faulty top octave generator chip, but not 100% sure.

It was missing some switch covers when I bought it and I managed to acquire some replacements but I could not source a grey cover for the organ switch, so used a white one with a label over it!

This item would need someone who knows what they are doing to fix it and that isn’t me!”
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