Korg Lambda

lambda ” The instrument is in good cosmetic condition for its age (see the photos).

The instrument works but has some issues. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

* For some voices a tone several octaves higher may be audible when playing approximately the lowest octave of the keyboard.

* The second F from the bottom of the keyboard works inconsistently.

* The highest G# on the keyboard decays abnormally slowly for some voices.

* The SUSTAIN switch and sustain pedal don’t appear to work.

* The PIANO voice sustains (in error) if it’s the only voice enabled in the PERCUSSIVE section.

* The CHORUS PHASE buttons work but sometimes require more than one press.

* ATTACK RELEASE VARIABLE always introduces some attack time, even with the ATTACK control at minimum. I don’t know whether this is normal behavior.

I’m selling the instrument as-is.” Click here to visit listing on eBay