Korg Lambda

lambda“KORG LAMBDA 48 Key Vintage Analog Synthesizer Synth WORKS – HAS ISSUES SEE DESCRIPTION

This Synth works and sounds great, but… :

– When turned up loud you can hear light to moderate interference out of the Mix Out and Headphones Jack
– 3 DEAD Keys – Center D, D#, and E are all dead. I don’t know why this is happening.
– 2 Sticky keys – High Octave C# and D stick but come right back up.
– Octave Up button does NOT appear to work at all.

There are basic scratches on some buttons, there are fading issues on the wood veneer, there are big scuffs and scratches on the veneer (see pics).

This synth works but it does have the above mentioned issues. It is being sold As-Is with the above listed issues.

I have not tested every single function. – Please bid/buy accordingly. This is an AS-IS sale.” Click here to visit listing on eBay