# Korg KPR-77

Korg, KPR-77 @ 12 September 2015

kpr77 ” The Classical Korg analog drum machine. stereo out plus clap/snare single out. 2 trigger outs for the tom channels to trigger arpeggiators and sequencers of vintage hardware synths.
Roland din sync I/O switchable. Runs with 4 c-szise batteries or standard 9v DC adapter (not included).

Has an additional ram backup battery installed that keeps the memory without main batteries and power supply attached.

Has a tape interface that allows to store memory content onto daw tracks..

Overall very good conditiion with all faders and switches working.. thats often a bit critical on these old units but this one works like it should..

Just the screen has a few little scratches but you have t go close to see them..normal for a 30 year old vintage drum machine.. it is used ..but well handled..

Sounds good. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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