# Korg KPR-77

Korg, KPR-77 @ 02 July 2011

“All Buttons potentiometers and switches tested and sound is GREAT. Recorded 16 patterns into BASIC BANK A 1-16 stored in memory.

This Korg drum machine is actually easy to progam. Just follow the easy guide instructions that comes with this item.Much easier to follow than the Korg owners manual that is also included. You will be writing your own patterns in no time.

Machine has been cleaned and tested. Comes with KORG 120v A/C adapter , PDF owners manual and 4 NEW C Cell batteries to retain pattern memory. Will send along a print out of a QUICK Start guide to help you get up and running as the ORIGINAL Manual can be a bit difficult. DIN SYNC on the KPR77 is 48 ppq and can be set to sync out or sync in. Trigger outputs are programmable in the pattern record mode” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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