Korg EX-800

” Very good condition- inside and out as you can see by the photos. I have been repairing consumer and pro gear since 1979 and all my gear has been well cared for and maintained to a Tee. All controls, switches and input/output jacks have been thoroughly cleaned and deoxidized. All tact switches work as if new. The electrolytic capacitors have all been checked for excessive ESR and the voltage regulators scoped for excess ripple and proper output. I have also replaced the soldered-in memory backup battery with a battery holder so the backup battery can be easily changed in the future. I have owned this little beauty for about 20 years and it has seen very seldom use. I’m going through all of my gear, refurbing it all and reluctantly letting it go. It comes with the power supply, both the Owner’s manual and Service manual in digital form (PDF) and the factory sysex downloaded directly from Korg’s website. There are several sites that you can get free patches from which can be downloaded and imported via midi or the tape input. The power supply is included but is not original. Hoping it goes to a good home that will appreciate it for what a gem it is!” Click here to search for synths on eBay