# Korg EX-800

EX 800, Korg @ 29 April 2017

“Korg EX-800 (1984) – Poly800 Analog expander module + 8 voices DCO oscillators with lowpass analogue paraphonic filter and internal sequencer with clock sync.

This Korg EX-800 is rare and in excellent condition for its age, comes with power supply and everything works . No noise, crackles or hum anywhere.

The synth has recently had a circuitbenders Polybeast mod which seriously brings it to life and truly can sound like a beast and battery change.

I got Paul at Circuitbenders to mod it slightly different as to not spoil the original and gorgeous KORG EX-800 logo graphics.

This synth is Widely considered to be Korg’s answer to Roland’s affordable Juno series. Sounds are beautifully warm and typical of polyphonic analogs of the era. It does great sweeps and has the capacity to sound really pure and emotional.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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