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Korg DW-6000

“Amazing sounding keyboard. Digital oscillators with analog filters and processing for a lovely rich tone. Dave Smith wants thousands for his same principled hybrid synths. All the keys work fine, and it seems fully operational. I prefer these to the dw8000 sister synths as do lots of people, they have a nicer tone. Condition wise it’s good. Few marks here and there which I’ve tried to show in the photos, but very good for such an old machine. It’s been well looked after. All keys and buttons working. Not trying to put you off, as they do 100% work but some of the menu diving buttons stick ever so slightly now and again and you have to press them twice. This is something inherent with these old machines, I’ve had 3. It’s just how they are, and I’m just trying to be as specific as possible. The patches I have created for it are very decent, and much better than the originals, but the original factory ones can be easily re-installed, though I’m not sure why you would want to. Postage is expensive I’m afraid but that covers the insurance if it gets damaged.” Click here to visit listing on eBay