# Korg DSS-1

DSS-1, Korg @ 22 August 2015

dss-1” This is a rare upgraded Korg DSS-1 (DSS-MSRK). It has 2 megabytes in RAM, SCSI port with an external 20 Megabyte self powered hard drive (Hyperdrive FX/20). Over 50 sound disks, all original manuals, and flight case. I had the upgrade done in 1988. It is my understanding that there were only somewhere about 250-300 of these upgrades ever done from Korg. Everything works perfect and is in excellent condition. The case is worn, but it does it’s job. Originally purchased DSS-1 for 2300.00 dollars, upgrade 1,000.00 dollars, hard drive another 1,000.00 and case 150.00 dollars. To say it drained my bank account back in 1988 is an understatement, but I loved sampling and the sounds were great! Own a great keyboard and a piece of history!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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