Korg DSS-1

” This unit was released in 1986 and the highlights are 12bit,Analog Filter/envelope/VCA with 12 db or 24db filter mode and a pair of digital delays built in.Not only can it sample but is capable of additive synthesis and manually drawn waveforms.This unit is well worn, with discoloration and a white mark where it punched through some drywall(maybe?).The unit powers up fine and I have some disks I will include but I think the floppy might need to be replaced.It was working when I put it in storage 10 years ago but it won’t properly load Korg factory disks.If I get it working I will update this listing but for now it is sold AS-IS,in need of repair.I will ship this UPS ground within the contiguous U.S. only for a flat rate but I guarantee you it will cost me $130+ because of weight and size(it’s a tank).Packaged with bubble wrap, foam and heavy duty cardboard adult signature.”
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