Korg DDD-1 with Korg DSB-1 Expansion

ddd1 “The drum machine and sampling board are fully functional with the age related quirks mentioned below.

The good:

It is clean and does not smell of smoke. The backlights is bright and led dark. All of the drum trigger button work well and are velocity sensitive. All button and slider caps are there.

The less good:

Physically, the drum machine has scratches, scuffs and is missing a chunk of plastic on the RAM card slot. She’s no beauty queen. The function and number buttons require a firm press. A rubber foot is missing from the bottom.

Other things of note:

This is a really cool drum machine with an ultimate 80s sound. It is was more directed at the working musician rather than studios. As a result, it is grittier (noisier) than pro gear of the same era. I think this gives it character. There are lots of ROM card with new sounds available. In addition, this one comes with the sampling board installed. So you can add lo fi samples to your drum patterns. The sampling process is pretty basic and you have to experiment to get the best results. The samples are kept in battery backed up RAM. Originally the sampling board came with a NiCad battery. The original died and has been replaced with a NiMD battery. This battery recharges when the drum machine is on. So, if you don’t use it for long periods of time, the battery will drain and your samples will be lost. A new coin battery and holder have been installed for pattern memory. ”