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Korg DDD-1 with DSB-1 Sampling Expansion Board Project Machine

” Korg DDD-1 Drum Machine with DSB-1 Sampling Board

I have a back up battery for the DSB-1 around and if I find it, it will come with the sale.

Drum Machine used to work but was in storage for a couple of years.
You see a round hole on the bottom and that mod was done years ago when the CR2032 B/U battery was replaced. Service person said it would help the P/S dissipate heat adding air flow.
The plastic flip door for the ROM cards is not around , sorry.

Last time I used the DSB-1 for sampling it worked great but now I can’t test it as the DDD-1 won’t turn on.

Setting up my new studio and taking out gear I had in storage and now it won’t turn on.”
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