Korg DDD-1 Project Machine

“This Item is being sold as FOR PARTS OR NOT WORKING

Please be fully aware. . This unit is being sold with the following 5 description statements ONLY. . .

1/ This unit does NOT work, and is sold for parts, or for someone to repair or get the unit repaired.

2/ This is a complete unit (all original parts, case never been opened since I’ve had it, and the unit worked when I bought it in 2001). The physical condition as shown in the photos. Some of the writing on the unit is worn, and there are lots of small scratches and small worn features all about the case; all of which can be seen in the photos (please zoom in on the photos for a close inspection.) The unit’s in the condition that it came to me, it’s had no rough treatment from me, and has been stored in a bedroom since 2002.

3/ The unit powers up, meaning the LCD display comes on, when unit switched on.

4/ There is no sound coming out of any of the outputs.

5/ The 3 ROM cards were, and have always been, plugged into the unit since I bought it in 2001. (The unit worked ok when I bought it in 2001, including the ROM cards. Since 2002 the unit has been stored in a bedroom in my house). I unplugged the ROM cards 2 days ago for the photos taken for this listing. They seem in fair condition and show no visual signs that they may be physically damaged (cracks or damage due to impact etc..), I could not test them as the unit would not work when I tested it. I cannot therefore guarentee that they work, so they are being sold as UNTESTED.” Click here to visit listing on eBay