Korg 770

“Selling my very special and rare Korg 770. This synth is in incredible condition for 42 years old. Cosmetically it has some signs of wear and a hand full of the original knobs have been replaced as you can see in the photos. Everything works. Not only does everything work, I have also retrofitted the synth with a Kenton CV kit so there is cv control over Hz/V, gate, and filter. Sequencing this machines notes and filter is INSANE. You can integrate this with an analog sequencer or kenton midi to cv box (or any other cv source even a korg sq-1). Last year I also had Rosen Sound in Los Angeles install a midiplant so not only can you control the synth via cv, you can also trigger notes via the midi port on the back with a quick flip of a rear toggle switch. I personally still prefer the control and resolution of straight cv. The synth is really incredible and I’ve sampled more sounds from it than any other instrument I own. Have a listen to some demos on youtube if you aren’t familiar. This machine is from another planet. The serial number is 770073 and it was one of the first units produced. Extremely rare and hard to come by for good reason. Also including a custom made dust cover.

Unit is being sold as is due to its age. It has been very well taken care of and had a complete service just over a year ago. While it was in the shop they cleaned up all solder connections and any oxidized connections.”
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