Korg 770

“The 770 is a very early, very cool Korg synth, but you probably know that or you wouldn’t be looking.
White noise, tuned noise, 2 different ring modulator modes, 2 oscillators, High and Low Pass filters.

The great thing about these is they sound like nothing else. If you’re an analog synth guy who already has the normal stuff, this definitely opens up another range of sounds you can create. In fact you can go inside the unit and tweak trim pots to alter the behavior of the filters! You can also run external audio through them. It has a mean, raw sound that later pieces like MS20 can only dream of!

The only issue with this is the auto bending feature doesn’t work consistently, but it isn’t broken. The portamento is more musical and works fine. Apparently it was used near some spray paint as there is some on the right end cheek and a very subtle amount on the far right side of the control panel, but unless you’re staring at it under bright light you won’t even notice.” Click here to visit listing on eBay