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Korg 770

“This was a rescue that needed a lot of work. Synth works and sounds great now. Has cosmetic wear to the faceplate, see photos. No circuit modifications were performed, everything was left as it was.

Work performed:

-Full power supply recap (Nichicon electrolytics)

-All solder joints reflowed on every single board (this actually restored full electronic functionality)

-New Alpha brand 10K power/volume potentiometer switch (Original broken)

-All pots, switches, and faders fully flushed out with contact cleaner and followed up with DeOxit Faderlube as needed

-New knobs (Originals missing)

-New fader caps (Originals missing)

-Keybed removed and fully disassembled and inspected, keys ultrasonically cleaned (needed no repairs or adjustments, was just very dirty)

-New 2-prong power cable properly soldered in (no splices or twist caps)

-New custom-cut unfinished birch ply side panels from Send Cut Send (originals were heavily damaged/broken, hole alignment isn’t perfect, still looks good, finish them in the stain/color of your choice)

-New black 3D printed keyboard side trim pieces (designed them myself in CAD, originals were heavily damaged/broken)

-New 3D printed Korg badge on back (Designed myself in CAD, original one was missing)

I put a lot of work into this synth, and I hope whoever ends up with it makes lots of cool music with it. It sounds awesome.”
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