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Korg 707

“korg 707 performing synthesiser for sale in perfect working order and good clean condition, bought new in 1989 from tempo music in London and owned by me ever since.
The keyboard actually uses a Yamaha licensed circuit board inside and it sounds very much like a 4 operator dx100/27 fm synth.
On the top panel it has a pitch bend and mod wheel which can be reversed if wearing as a keytar, and there is a volume control and 3 slider controls which allow you to create new sounds easily without having to delve in to submenus like other keyboards do.
This keyboard was launched by Korg just before the m1 was released and it shares the smooth phillishave appearance of the m1 with its smooth round edges and teddy bear eyes tactile push buttons.
The 3.3 volt battery was changed last year and 1 key was replaced and I had all the electronic components tested for functionality by my technician and everything is working fine.
The keyboard comes with a paper manual a power supply and software on a disc which I bought on here that will allow you to transfer sounds and System exclusive data between computer and keyboard and allows ds8 sound patches to be loaded in to the 707.
There are sound cards available but they are rare and hard to find so luckily there is a free sound editor available to download for mac and pc which will allow you to create your own voices without loads of button pressing and going through sub menus.” Click here to visit listing on eBay