Korg 707

“Ah, the Korg 707. This is an expandable FM synthesizer first produced in 1987. It has 49 pressure- and velocity-sensitive keys and 100 user-editable presets. It even comes with strap buttons so you can wear it around like a guitar. There are quite a few scratches on the bottom, so maybe the original owner wore it and a big belt buckle on stage. Who knows? It also features a slot for a memory card, though I’m not sure which type of card it takes, and no such cards are included.

Please note that there is a chip on the underside of one of the keys; please see photos. There also seems to be a short in the AC adaptor, which may need replaced. This will also run on six C batteries. There isn’t any corrosion in the battery compartment that I could see. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay