Kawai SX-240

“Rare Kawai SX-240 analog synthesizer up for auction! Released in 1984, this 8-voice polyphonic synth has 2 analog DCOs and one sub-osc. Stackable in poly-8, poly4 or mono mode for a really big sound. Great for leads, bass, brass, drones, pads and strings, plus add on-board ‘ensemble’ (chorus) or ‘brass’ (ring mod) effects.

I’ve owned this unit since the mid-1990s, only smoke-free studio use. It is built like a tank- this one is fully functioning, have had zero issues with it. Keys, buttons, knobs, sliders all in perfect working order, MIDI works. The wood-grain sides are in good shape with only a few minor dings/scratches, and the metal casing has only a few minor scratches on the edges, one dent near the rear power supply. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay