# Kawai SX-210

Kawai, SX-210 @ 20 November 2018

“No RAM battery – the synth will not boot up into the normal playing mode and does not make any sound, but I can still access the maintenance/adjustment features by playing the lowest C Major chord while turning it on, so it seems to still be alive. The panel test is is actually running in the first photo – that’s why all the lights are on.In addition, I did notice some corrosion on the circuit board around the battery, but it never seemed to impact the functionality before I removed that battery. Please see the pictures for the extent of the corrosion. Because of the missing battery and corrosion, I’m selling this for repair/parts despite that fact it was working fine with a battery.Cosmetically, the “BANK D” button is missing its plastic cap, and a G key is chipped and cracked. These still seem to work though. Typical scuffs” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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