# Kawai SX-210

Kawai, SX-210 @ 07 August 2018

“The Kawai SX-210 is a very rare synth. It’s an 8 voice poly synth with 4 poly stack mode as well as mono mode and chord mode. Built in chorus gives you the ability to hit those Juno sounds as well as polysix/MonoPoly sounds. It’s got Sub Osc, PWM, LFO routing/trigger and more. It’s a very capable and great sounding synth. It has a very large patch name display which is unique as it lets you write words for patch names rather than just a 2 or 3 digit number.

This is probably the best condition you’ll ever find one of these in.

Issues: The only physical flaw is on the wood side panel on the front tip there’s a crack besides normal wear. This doesn’t effect the functionality at all and could easily be replaced with new sides. The synth itself is great condition. Prior to shipping I will send a video showing functionality and you will give the OK before shipment. The Ensemble (chorus) button when enabled can cause some gain boost.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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