# Kawai K5m

K5, Kawai @ 02 September 2014

k5m“If you are looking at this, you may or may not know what it is, as it is a pretty rare, unknown, underused and very under-rated synth

If I had to compare it’s unique sound to anything else…it sounds very much like a PPG with bright spikey basses, weird pads, vocals and bright bells

No software virtual instrument through a computer soundcard beats the sound of a dedicated hardware synth like this.

It is one of my all time favorite synths because it is so obscure, not many people use it and it can set you apart from everyone else who use the same synths for everything.

It pains me greatly to have to sell this, but I must, I actually have another one that I am keeping, would have been nice to have 2 but I must slim down my studio.

Everything works great as expected, a few scratches here and there, but this is how I bought it, haven’t used it much for the past few years, have to sell” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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