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Kawai K5000S

“I bought this new in 1996. It has almost never been used. Everything works. However, I have not done any O.S. upgrades on this unit, and I’m pretty sure it could use one. The current O.S. is 3.00. For me, the coolest things about this synth is the arpeggiator (it does arpeggios that I have never seen on any other synth), the real-time knobs (very analog-like control), and the awesome keyboard which is (as far as I remember) the same as the one used in the Roland A-70 controller, which is semi-weighted and feels amazing. The black keys have an almost wood-like feel.

Unfortunately I never got into programming this beast beyond simple patches using the knobs. I know that additive synthesis is very powerful but I just never had the time to delve into it. This unit is VERY CLEAN. It still has the plastic covering on the LCD. It comes with the owner’s manual, four floppy disks, and a mint Anvil case that was ordered specifically for this unit. I will re-foam the case because the foam is old. I will ship to the USA, Europe, Canada and Japan. However, I will need a postal code prior to end of auction in order to supply a shipping quote. Please ignore the default shipping amount at the top of the page. For USA ground this will cost around 100.00-150.00 to ship. Thanks.” Click here to visit listing on eBay