Kawai K4r

“The K4r was one of my favorite synthesizers in the 90’s. It has a resonant filter, so unlike many of the ROMplers from back then, this synthesizer can make some really cool and aggressive sounds. It can sound a lot like a D50 because of the ability to layer 4 different waveforms, but it is a LOT easier to edit from the front panel, so I tended to use it a lot more. The Basses, Organs, synth pads and percussion samples were all over my trip hop tracks back in the day. In fact, I got the idea to buy this when I saw it in the Sneaker Pimps studio. These days I see Legowelt has one, and though many prefer the K1 because of it’s lower bit rate and use by some of the old warp artists, the filter on the K4 makes it a way better synthesizer all around.” Click here to search for synths on eBay