Kawai K4

“For sale is my Kawai K4 synthesizer. It is in full working order and great condition for it’s age. There are a few marks here and there but overall I would say 7/10 for cosmetic condition. A few buttons need a bit of a firmer press but all working correctly.

This is a fabulous synth for Lofi music production and it is renowned for having a great resonant filter. Whilst the pianos leave a lot to be desired the pads and filter sweeps really make up for it! A very underrated synth.

It comes with a generic power supply, print out of the user manual and I have the last O.S 1.4 chip which is an easy socketed procedure so no soldering. I also purchased the Greytsounds patch collection sysex files. I found loading them via the free midi-ox application a breeze and there are some stunning patches in each bank. These will be emailed to winning bidder as the 7 bank files are no more than 200kbytes.”
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