# Jen SX1000 Project Machine

Jen, SX1000 @ 04 August 2015

sx1000 “Whilst it has obviously seen better days and is in need of TLC from someone who knows what they’re doing, this one is definitely rescuable. The issues as stands, as far as I can tell are:

• one knob is broken off through the shaft, so will need a new pot. Still have the knob though.

• Somewhere between a quarter and a third of the keys are dead. A pretty easy fix, this.

• One key is broken as pictured.

• Keyboard slanted; generally needs attention as per the above.

• It has clearly had some kind of retrofit in its life, but I have no clue as to what, or whether that element works at all.

• Cosmetically a bit of the usual Jen mottling, and scuffs and nicks to the wood. Keys are grubby too; suspect a good clean when the keyboard issues are address wouldn’t go a miss!

The good point however are that is still sounds pretty lovely – filter and envelope seem to work fine. Noise generator a bit hit and miss, but glide, vibrato etc all working.

A bit of an ugly duckling as stands, but potentially great again; used by The Prodigy, Ladytron etc. just needs someone to give it the love it needs. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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