# Jen SX1000

Jen, SX1000 @ 02 December 2014

The 1uF electrolytic input capacitor which forms a low pass filter has been replaced with a 3uF polypropylene to subtly improve the bass response (one of the common complaints about the SX1000 is poor bass). The potentiometers in the signal path have been replaced with high quality conductive plastic type, which will permanently cure the crackles and noise. The feel is not affected, you cannot tell the difference. Most Jen’s for sale will have noisy pots or had them sprayed with contact cleaner, which only works for a few months. I still have the original components in case you want to restore the original crackly sound.

All the electrolytic capacitors have been replaced with high quality, long life Panasonic electrolytics, so should be good for another 40 years.

This synth looks like it has been been gigged in a previous life and has the stickers (and knocks) to prove it. Most unusually though it is only missing one knob cap, and the rest are the original colours in the correct place. Bear in mind this is at least 35 years old, so is not immaculate but I think it still looks great.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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