Jen SX1000

“Jen SX1000 in working order.
All the keys and all the knobs are fully operational.
The fascia has some age deterioration as can be seen in the pictures.
There are a number of coloured caps missing from the control knobs which are all original and otherwise complete.
Prior to my ownwership it had been modified to include an internal amplifier and speaker which I had removed and put back to original when I had it serviced. The holes that were drilled to act as a speaker ‘grill’ are still there, as seen. There are a few marks and chips but none of this affects the operation.
It comes with it’s own purpose built wooden carry case. The case is lined with carpet underfelt which has become discoloured and could do with replacing.
I have fired it up and played with all the knobs and keys and all seems fine. The output level pot is a bit scratchy in operation but it’s been stored in it’s case unused for about 15 years so a bit of use may clear that.” Click here to search for synths on eBay