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Grp Synthesizer A4

“Italian made GRP A-4 Analog Synthesizer.
3 full-feature oscillators, plus 2 discrete LFO’s. S&H, Noise, Mixers, 2 ADSR, 16-Step sequencer, A-440 generator. 12dB State variable filter and 24dB Low pass filters, Glide, Auto-pan, accepts external signals, Stereo Headphone TRS jack. CV/gates in and out. MIDI and USB in rear. Complex routing features: provides virtually the same flexibility of a modular without the need for patching. The A-4 is single-voice, and does not store patches.
Audiophile timbral quality. Truly holds its own with ANY other synth. One of the most beautiful synths ever made.
I had a Voyager XL, and for similarly priced units, the A-4 blew it away, so I sold my Moog. The GRP has much more power and flexibility and the fidelity is superior to the Voyager, IMO. If you are looking for a Model-D sound, then buy a Model D, cause even Moog’s re-issue doesn’t sound like a D to me. The GRP is not a Moog clone.

This is one HELL-of-a synthesizer, semi-rare. Will retain its value; so buy it, use it, then sell it for what you paid for it.

You will notice one small blemish in the last photo. This is NOT a scratch, merely a narrow SMUDGE (about 1/2 inch) that can easily be covered with the matching stain from a Minwax Wood Finish Stain marker pen. The cabinet appears to be a walnut veneer. Other than that, the unit looks brand-new. I am second owner, neither of us were smokers, home studio only, never live gigged, super low hours, only we touched it.” Click here to search for synths on eBay