Future Retro 777

“This is a Future Retro 777 monophonic analog synthesizer and
sequencer. It is an unmodified unit for sale by the original owner.
The original owner’s manual is included, and a replacement power
supply with the original specifications.

This unit still functions great after twenty years of regular use. All
four oscillators work, all buttons, knobs and switches work, nothing
is missing from the display. The wood paneling is free of any
significant scuffing. For tinkerers, an operating system upgrade and a
variety of modifications are available. Future Retro is still in
business and providing support.

Designed and hand made in 1997 by engineer Jered Fleckinger, this is a
classic tb-303 emulator with a deep, earthshaking bass. Would make
an excellent addition to the studio or collection of anyone who loves
the flavor of old school analog synths.” Click here to search for synths on eBay